Japan Day 2 : Tokyo Station, Tsukiji, Ueno & Ropponggi Hills
Thursday, December 29, 2011
As the title says, 2nd day in Tokyo is dedicated to those 4 places. It started off with Tokyo station as we're to transit there before heading to the other places. Tokyo station is really, really huge. It doesn't feel like any other train stations I've seen before. The underpass can be as long as 1km plus where I feel like walking there is so torturous to get to the other end of the station.

The underpass in Tokyo station. Told you it was huge!!

Decided to grab lunch in one of the restaurants in the station.

Gladly deciding what to eat. Spoiled for choices as they have fantastic lunch menus.

I found the LUSH in Japan!!! Before leaving for Japan, I've been planning and listing down what I wanna buy from Lush already. So glad that I found the shop. Spend hundreds in the shop. Its heaven.

On our way to the famous upper-tier shopping district, Ginza.

We stopped by Hard Rock shop for souvenirs. Got myself a limited edition Hello Kitty Hard Rock tshirt! :D

Proof that Japan is famous for people cycling.

Took this at the Pachinko (Slot machine) area.

The famous vending machines again. We had ramen for dinner which came super sized!

Leaving to Ueno again.

We've reached!

Cute little signs on the road just before the zebra crossing.

We've reached Tsukiji, the famous fish market that is a must-visit!

Short break after the fish market at the MOS burger. Tried their pork burger and it was heavenly.

One of the little stalls in the train station on the platform.

Then headed to Roppongi Hills for the scenic view of Tokyo city.

Lovely Christmas themed deco by the pond. The lights were just....breathtaking....:D

The one and only that made this whole trip happen. Thanks, darling. :)

xoxo. laurie.

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December, month of JOY
Thursday, December 8, 2011
I know, I've been neglecting this blog again. Been really busy for the past month with finals coming up and my long awaited trip to Japan. Yeap, had an early graduation trip to Japan with Ryan for 12 days long. Its and early graduation trip because I'll only graduate after the summer semester. That's if I pass my last two subjects. But hey, I'm on the optimistic side. I'm sure I can do it if I study hard. :) So the trip is a bonus after my finals in November!

The trip was a really good one as I love Japanese food, especially their sashimi. Oh gosh, it was heaven there as they serve the freshest sashimi! Maybe I'll just do a quick update on my trip from day-to-day. :)

Day 1: Tokyo (Akihabara, Ueno, Ginza)

Our tiny little comfy room in Tokyo. Apparently all their rooms are this small. The walkway is only shoulder-width wide. We could barely open our luggage fully. Ugghh!

View from our room. Nothing much to see as we stayed in the business district, Asakusabashi. All offices around.

Our exit from the subway station.

The river that we passed by every morning and night to get to the subway station. Those are floating restaurants.

The station in Akihabara. We take the yellow line of train most of the time.

The signs showing to Akihabara Electric Town. It is indeed a electric town as the place is filled with buildings and buildings for electronics and gadgets.

Our first stop. Multi-level electrical store that is duty-free. They have like 8 floors in total?

First stop for sushi! Its a typical "kaiten" belt sushi bar. They always have lunch promotions where the sushi are really cheap during lunch time.

Everyone's been telling me bout the vending machines. Yes, this is one of the vending machines outside the restaurant. Purchase your meal at the vending machine, and grab the ticket into the restaurant for your food. :)

This is the largest "drag-and-drop" machine centre I've seen. They have like 3 floors filled with all these machines. Its in the Sega building. All sorts of toys, collectibles and souvenirs can be found here.

Next stop: Ueno park.

Trees, why you no turn red yet? Its the end of Autumn and the leaves are still green.

Spotted this outside the temple. Looks cute!

The entrance of the temple with a "gong"at the door. Supposed to bang the "gong"before entering for prayers.

Cute wooden message cards if not mistaken. :)

At the pond in Ueno Park with a hot can of black coffee. Tastes horrible! Wanted a milk coffee, but it came out black. :(

We've finally reached Ueno market after walking around looking for it.

Fresh seafood.

Our ride to Ginza.

Pro photographer boyfriend took this. LOL!

We just had to have this Belgian waffles in Ginza street. Although its not Japanese, but its tempting much.

Its so hard to find food in Ginza, as everything there is overpriced. Its like Bukit Bintang in Malaysia. Expensive food all around. Thank goodness we found this ramen shop in one of the backlanes. Don't fancy ramen like this. Its those milky soups like the ones we have in Ajisen Ramen. I prefer the ones in clear soup.

We relied heavily on this to know our direction of destination. :)

Decor in our hotel. Nice! :)

First day, is a wrap! Too many photos and all are in large sizes.

xoxo. laurie.

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Yet again....
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Finals is just around the corner, yet again. Happens once every six months. No surprise. However, feeling a little reluctant to study this time. All thanks to the two subjects thingy which I took. I always feel stressed out whenever I took 4 subjects because there's always insufficient time to finish studying all four. Now that I have two subjects only, there goes my lazy attitude. Whenever I tell myself that I need to study already, the evil side of me would go, "Oh, there's only two subjects and its both Marketing. Chill for abit first". So far, I've been on the chill mode for 2 weeks already. Which means, I was supposed to start last two weeks! Ohmaigawd. Wake up!!!
Sides to that, have not been updating much because there's nothing much that happened lately. The only thing I can think of is the Monash Annual Ball this year. Got the perfect dress, at a perfect price for the Ball. Only thing, is that my dress is black again. Told myself that I wanted something different, but couldn't find any suitable and affordable dress around except for the black one that I bought. Got the dress from Love on Earth by Celia Loe, Parkson Pavilion. Really great cutting I must say! :) The Ball was held all the way in Mariott Putrajaya. Sounds posh, but meh...Wouldn't even rate the hotel 5-star. It was so poorly maintained and the quality they used were really cheap and terrible! Food wise, goes along with their poor maintainence and quality. Quite disappointing I must say. Spent RM80 for nuts. However, it was my last Ball, couldn't afford to miss it.

A must snapshot on my way to Putrajaya. We were extremely late that time due to terrible traffic.

The opening act by Juanophobia. They were really good!

Our starter. Some prawn salad thingy that were a little too spicy from the black pepper.

Us girls, without Patricia.

My date for the night, with matching tie. :)

Serene and her date, Aaron.

With Jaecent, the Apple freak.

The only ones on the table with dates. We're lucky girls! :P

With Patricia this time. My girlfriends looked stunning that night!
Cheeky boyfriend that wouldn't take a decent picture with me.

With our awesome possum Econometrics lecturer. He's the most lenient lecturer I've met. Great guy indeed!

The tickets to the Ball. In theme with the Soiree a L'opera. (An evening in the Opera)

The Mr. & Mrs. Monash.

Childhood friend for 10 years and still counting. :)
Lastly, how could I not take a shot with the hotel deco? LOL! The handsome boyfriend for the night.
xoxo. laurie.

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